Razi University, Host of the 10th Festival of Harkat

Razi University, Host of the 10th Festival of Harkat

First launched as the University of Sciences by the late Dr. Abdol-Ali Gouya, Razi University was established in January 1972 in Kermanshah. This center was renamed to Razi University in 1974. The University of Sciences started its work by admitting 200 students in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics in the beginning of the academic year of 1972-1973. After the glorious Islamic Revolution and due to the Revolution’s high goals of socio-cultural development of underprivileged areas, this university was promoted by inaugurating a Teacher Training Faculty in Sanandaj and an Animal Husbandry Faculty in Ilam, both of which were separated from Razi University in 1991.

Now, Razi University has ten faculties, an agriculture campus, and natural resources. It is benefiting from the knowledge of 10 full professors, 49 associate professors, 250 assistant professors, 46 lecturers, and a total of 355 members of faculty in 39 departments, and 12347 associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. students.

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