Harkat is a Festival for all Students

Harkat is a Festival for all Students

“Harkat is a Festival for all Students”.

“The 10th Festival of Harkat is going to be held in Kermanshah, and this year, not only the scientific associations, but also students and student groups can participate individually in the competitive section,” said the Director-General of Socio-cultural Department of Ministry of Science.

According to the news base of Socio-cultural Department Delegation of Ministry of Science, Fazlollah Iraji Kajoori, the Director-General of Socio-cultural Department of Ministry of Science, announcing that Kermanshah was going to be the host of the 10th Festival of Harkat, asserted that this Festival was going to be held in intra-university and national levels, after which, students’ creations, innovations, and inventions would be introduced and presented to the public.

“The evolutionary and progressive trend of the Festival during these 10 rounds has turned it into one of the most significant student scientific festivals and a venue to showcase the creativities and innovations of students from all over the country,” said Dr. Iraji.

The head of the Policy Council of the Festival of Harkat continued by saying “The 10th National Festival of Harkat will undergo some changes in terms of the competitive section and the holding style, the most important of which will be –contrary to the previous rounds- to include not only the student scientific associations in the competitive section, but also students individually, however, in a few particular fields.”

“In order to improve the competitive section and to specialize the different fields of science, our previous methods have been revised and, in this round for the first time, each group competes in its own field. For example, according to the defined executive instructions of the Festival, in the competitions designed for the students of humanities, only students majoring in this field can compete. In this way, the competitions are more specialized while in the previous rounds, students from all majors used to compete with each other in the same contest. This approach was adopted in order to raise the quality and to lower the inequality of the competitions, and also to create a professional and specialized attitude toward the competitions. In other words, this year, unlike the previous years, the competitions are interdisciplinary,” said the Director-General of Socio-cultural Department on the attributes of this round of the Festival.

“The international section of the Festival,” Iraji confirmed, “will be specifically taken into account and all the potentials of the Higher Education is going to be realized to develop scientific communications to improve the Festival. Developing international interactions and communications underlies gaining experience, transferring knowledge, and getting to know one another’s scientific and human capacities.”

The Director-General of Socio-cultural Department of Ministry of Science also talked about the time, the location, and the host of the Festival: “Based on past experiences and considering the hosting requests received from different universities, and after investigating and evaluating different indexes of those Universities, eventually, Razi University was selected as the host of this years’ Festival.”

Last but not least, he pointed out that “Razi University of Kermanshah has the necessary human capabilities, capacities and infrastructure to hold the 10th Festival of Harkat, which is going to be held during the last week of November, 2017.”

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