General Information

General Information 1396-7-17 12:57:03 +03:30

The international section of the Festival of Harkat is featured in order to improve and promote the scientific and technological interactions between Iranian and non-Iranian students. Held alongside but defined and working independently from the national section, the international section of the festival operates exclusively and its terms and conditions for competition and reviewing of the works are redefined and readjusted. The following are the terms and conditions for competition, reviewing, and work submission of the international section of the 10th Festival of Harkat.


The international section consists of two parts:


In this part, the submitted works will be evaluated and reviewed. The selected works will be announced and awarded in the closing ceremony. This process takes place in three stages:

a) Receiving the works through the festival website in due time

b) Reviewing the works and announcing the selected ones as “The Award Nominees for the International Section of the Festival of Harkat”

c) In the final stage which is concurrent with the official closing ceremony of the festival, the “winners” will be announced.

Note: Only those works which have won enough points can enter the competition or exhibition.


All “The Award Nominees” will be displayed in the exhibition.

a) The exhibition part of the international section of the festival of Harkat will be held alongside with the national section.

b) A stall equipped with necessary facilities will be available to each student group or association. Further information on this will be provided later.

c) In order to participate in the exhibition, applicants need to fill out the relevant form which is provided on the festival website.

d) To support those who cannot attend the exhibition, a virtual exhibition is considered whose related information is as the following:

  • The applicants will be allocated an exclusive stall in which their achievements are displayed. They can also have online communication with visitors by the provided equipment.  Moreover, the video or the poster of the applicants’ submitted reports will be displayed.
  • The equipment provided for each stall consists of a smart kiosk, video playing equipment, and poster installment and display facilities.

Submission Terms and Conditions

General Instruction:

a) Each submitted work must be a report of student’s/group’s scientific activities or achievements focusing the relevant competitive category.

b) The reported activities must have been completed from January 2015 to the end of July 2017.

c) The reported activities must be the result of the students’ activities; either all-student group work or in collaboration with the university professors.

d) There are no restrictions on the number of works an individual can submit.

e) The submitted works in all competitive categories must be prepared in the form of an info-graphic poster (dimensions 50×70 cm and max file size 10 MB) or a short video clip (5 min in length and max file size 100 MB).

f) All correspondence must be in English; however, the option of submitting non-English posters or videos along with the original English versions is available.

Registration and Submission

1- Create an IFH account on the official website of the IFH ( and follow the link “Registration”.

2- Enter the required information.

3- Select your intended competitive category/categories.

4- Complete the related form for each category and give a comprehensive summary of your activity in no more than 500 words.5- Upload your infographic poster or video (or both).

  • In “Research” category, in addition to the poster or video, a related approval document (a picture of the research paper in the publishing journal, the related contract, or the certificate of approval from the employer, etc) must be uploaded. These documents may be in any language.
  • In “New idea, new world” category, poster or video is optional, but there is a great emphasis on explaining the idea accurately and completely (step 4 in registration). Obviously, an accurate and complete explanation alongside a vivid poster or video entails more privileges.

Posters and Videos

1) Posters

  • The posters must be info-graphic and contain all the information about the activity for the selected competitive category.
  • Each poster must represent one activity.
  • The size of the posters must be 70×50 cm.
  • The way posters are designed is a matter of the participant’s taste.
  • The posters must be in jpg format. The maximum file size is 10 MB.

2) Videos

  • The videos must contain all the information about the activity for the selected competitive category.
  • The maximum video length is 5 minutes.
  • The way the videos are made is a matter of the participant’s taste.
  • The videos must be in wmv, avi or mp4 format. The maximum file size is 100 MB.
The Instruction in PDF format